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Blog Title: What is photocatalytic oxidation?
What is photocatalytic oxidation?
Category: Commercial Heating And Air Post By: George Stewart (Athens, GA), 08/05/2016

Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) is carried out by using UV light rays and TiO2 (Titanium Oxide) coated filter. This oxidation process generates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions that are highly reactive electrons. This process can destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bacteria, mold and fungus. The air passes through photon light and a catalyst, made of specific Nano-sized mineral compounds. This exposure releases three specific free radicals which terminates the bioaerosols. They are - hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals, and hydroxides attach themselves to specific organisms and kill them.

- Thoman McGregor (Newark, NJ), 08/07/2016
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