Debunking Common Myths About Air Conditioners

Some mistaken notions often grow around products or services over the years. They gradually start taking the shape of truth. The same is true for air conditioner. There are some common myths about A/cs. Let’s take a look at them and debunk them-

Using an air conditioner will cause you cold

This is an utterly wrong notion. Cold or flu is not caused by low temperature that you set at your thermostat. It is caused by the cold viruses. But a lower temperature can make you more vulnerable to contract the illness. You can set a low temperature for your home if you desire. Only remember to keep it neat and clean. Wash you hands to keep flu viruses at bay.

Service your air conditioner is just a waste of money

No never. Every gadget requires a proper upkeep too have a reasonably long lifespan, so is an air conditioner. A professional tune-up will lead to thorough clean-up of the unit. It will detect small snags that have developed over the years and resolve them before they blow out of proportion. Avoiding maintenance of A/c will only generate costly repair bills often.

To save money you should turn off your air conditioner or set the thermostat very high.

When you come back and turn your cooler, the A/c will work harder and longer to cool the house. Turning a lower temperature will not cool the room faster. A/c units only run at one speed, so a lower setting simply forces the machine to run longer. In fact you can use programmable thermostat that will run the A/c at moderate levels the whole day when you are out. It starts cooling, say an hour before you get home.

Buying a bigger unit will produce better cooling

This is a hoax. It is a trick often used by HVAC contractors to persuade you into buying a bigger unit which will of course be expensive. A bigger unit will cycle to frequently which will not cool the room effectively. An A/c besides cooling also dehumidifies the house. Frequent cycling will disable the unit from purging the moisture from the room air effectively. Your room will feel clammy and uncomfortable. Also do not buy an undersized unit; it will work hard to keep your room cool. It will hardly cycle off, and over-dry your air. Buy an energy efficient and properly sized AC unit to get the best possible comfort.

Placement of the air conditioner does not affect its performance

Yes it does. Never place your thermostat close to lights or televisions. It will sense the heat emitted by the appliances and make your unit run longer. This will of course, have an impact on utility bills. Also install the outdoor unit in shady pace, preferably on your home's north or east side. Too much exposure to sunlight will affect the cooler’s efficiency. Also ensure that shrubs and trees in the garden do not smother you unit. There should be enough airflow.

Turn on the ceiling fan to reduce room temperature

Fans do not cool the air. They move the air. So when you run you run the A/c the fan can help to circulate the air to make you cool. When you are out of the room always put the fan off to save energy.




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