Extended Warranties On Your Hvac

When you buy a HVAC system, one of the things that you want to be assured about is the warranty you have on your system. Typically a HVAC system comes with two types of warranties- A standard warranty/guarantee and an extended warranty. Let’s take a look at what an extended warranty is all about and it is worth to opt for one. This is because in many occasions customers have found that a service maintenance agreement with your HVAC contractors better than an extended warranty. Well, let’s see-

Standard warranty

Standard warranties are given by every HVAC manufacturer. Although the specifications may vary a bit from brand to brand and model to model, at a basic level, standard warranty is designed to provide for HVAC repair over several years. A typical guarantee would read like -

• 10/5-year warranty on parts of ab HVAC system depending on its quality.

• 12 months warranty on labor cost to replace parts.

Extended warranties

Extended warranties add value to standard warranty by adding additional years for part replacement and related labor costs. An extended warranty can be provided by the manufacturer. They are also offered by third parties/warranty administrator and HVAC contractors that supply and install your system.

The benefit of an extended warranty is that the user will not have to pay the labor costs from their pocket, if part replacement is required after 12 months. The same goes for buying parts after standard guarantee expires.

The flip sides of extended warranty-

• Extended warranties are expensive. Their cost is usually more than the cost of a maintenance agreement or service call from your HVAC contractor.

• You may have an extended warranty for 10 years. But the equipment you bought may reach a dilapidated state within half that time. So you may end up paying for something you no longer want.

• Sometimes extended warranties are not really worth. The standard guarantee on your HVAC that you get from the manufacturer is sufficient. This because a standard warranty is generally given for first few years. The malfunctions that may occur will occur much later when extended warranty expires.

• Extended warranty may not cover everything that can happen with your machine. It has often been found that extended warranties are rife with exclusions. If you’re buying extended warranty from HVAC contractor or a third party read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Deciding on an additional warranty depend on terms and conditions, its features, and also analyzing the likelihood of the warranty events happening

• Extended warranties are also not worth because of the depreciating value of consumer products.

Today warranties have become so popular because of frequency of failure of HVAC system. A malfunctioning is seen within days of installation. In most cases poor installation is to be blamed. Says D. Brian Baker, president, Custom Vac Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, “Many years ago, we used to have to fill out a commissioning report on every system we installed. If we did not fill out that form and return it, manufacturers were not going to provide a warranty. Today, they don’t care. The biggest reason products fail is that they’re poorly installed, and manufacturers just respond by charging more for the equipment. Everybody pays more, because they’re paying for the warranty.”




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