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First Company E1372 - Transformer, 240/208/24
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First Company E1372 - Transformer, 240/208/24

Used with Models 450303L-N, 450403L-N, 450403R-5N, 450432L-N, 450432R-N, 450503L-N, 450603L-N, 450803L-N, 451003L-N, 451303L-N, 45A0404R-N, 45A0603R-N, 480303L-N, 480403L-N, 480404R-N, 480503L-N, 480603L-N, 480604R-N, 4806X04RN, 480803L-N, 480804R-N, 4808X04RN, 481003L-N, 4810X04RN, 481303L-N, 490303L-N, 490403L-N, 490503L-N, 490603L-N, 490803L-N, 491003L-N, 491303L-N, 500303L-N, 500403L-N, 500432L-N, 500432R-N, 5004X41RN, 500503L-N, 500603L-N, 500631L-N, 500631R-N, 500632L-N, 500632R-N, 5006X41RN, 500803L-N, 500831L-N, 500831R-N, 500832L-N, 500832R-N, 5008X41LN, 5008X41RN, 501003L-N, 501031L-N, 501031R-N, 501032L-N, 5012X41LN, 5012X41RN, 501303L-N, 501331L-N, 50A1304R-N, 50F8X41LN, 50F8X41RN, 50I2X41RN, 5908B-240, 59123B-B, 59A123B-B, 64W1800, 64W1800CW, 64W1800XV, 64W1803, 64W1803V4, 64W1803XV, 64W1804, 64W1805, 64W1805FX, 64W1805V4, 64W1805XV, 64W1806, 64W1806V4, 64W1806XV, 64W1808, 64W1808V4, 64W1808XV, 64W1810, 64W1810V4, 64W1810XV, 64W18HK, 64W18HKV4, 64W1900, 64W1900V4, 64W1900XV, 64W1903, 64W1903V4, 64W1903XV, 64W1904V4, 64W1905, 64W1905FV, 64W1905FX, 64W1905V4, 64W1905XV, 64W1906, 64W1906V4, 64W1906XV, 64W1908, 64W1908FV, 64W1908V4, 64W1908XV, 64W1910, 64W1910V4, 64W1910XV, 64W19HK, 64W19HKV4, 64W19HKXV, 64W2003, 64W2003V4, 64W2005, 64W2005V4, 64W2006, 64W2006V4, 64W2008V4, 64W20HK, 64W20HKV4, 64W2400, 64W2400CW, 64W2400V4, 64W2400XV, 64W2403, 64W2403V4, 64W2403XV, 64W2404, 64W2405, 64W2405F, 64W2405FX, 64W2405V4, 64W2405XV, 64W2406, 64W2406F, 64W2406FX, 64W2406V4, 64W2406XV, 64W2408, 64W2408F, 64W2408FX, 64W2408V4, 64W2408XV, 64W2410, 64W2410V4, 64W2410XV, 64W24HK, 64W24HKV4, 64W24HKXV, 64W2500, 64W2500V4, 64W2500XV, 64W2503, 64W2503V4, 64W2503XV, 64W2505, 64W2505FV, 64W2505FX, 64W2505V4, 64W2505XV, 64W2506, 64W2506V4, 64W2506XV, 64W2508, 64W2508FV, 64W2508V4, 64W2508XV, 64W2510, 64W2510FV, 64W2510V4, 64W2510XV, 64W25HK, 64W25HKV4, 64W25HKXV, 64W2603V4, 64W2605, 64W2605V4, 64W2606, 64W2606V4, 64W2608, 64W2608V4, 64W2610V4, 64W26HK, 64W3000, 64W3000V4, 64W3000XV, 64W3003, 64W3003V4, 64W3003XV, 64W3004, 64W3005, 64W3005F, 64W3005FX, 64W3005V4, 64W3005XV, 64W3006, 64W3006F, 64W3006FX, 64W3006V4, 64W3006XV, 64W3008, 64W3008F, 64W3008FX, 64W3008V4, 64W3008XV, 64W3010, 64W3010V4, 64W3010XV, 64W30HK, 64W30HKV4, 64W30HKXV, 64W3100, 64W3100V4, 64W3100XV, 64W3103, 64W3103V4, 64W3103XV, 64W3105, 64W3105V4, 64W3105XV, 64W3106, 64W3106FX, 64W3106V4, 64W3106XV, 64W3108, 64W3108FV, 64W3108V4, 64W3108XV, 64W3110, 64W3110FV, 64W3110V4, 64W3110XV, 64W31HK, 64W31HKV4, 64W31HKXV, 64W3203V4, 64W3205V4, 64W3208V4, 64W3210, 64W3210V4, 64W32HK, 64W32HKV4, 64W3600, 64W3600XV, 64W3603, 64W3603V4, 64W3603XV, 64W3605, 64W3605V4, 64W3605XV, 64W3606, 64W3606F, 64W3606FX, 64W3606V4, 64W3606XV, 64W3608, 64W3608F, 64W3608FX, 64W3608V4, 64W3608XV, 64W3610, 64W3610F, 64W3610FX, 64W3610V4, 64W3610XV, 64W36HK, 64W36HKV4, 64W36HKXV, 64W3700, 64W3700V4, 64W3700XV, 64W3703, 64W3703V4, 64W3705, 64W3705V4, 64W3705XV, 64W3706, 64W3706V4, 64W3706XV, 64W3708, 64W3708FV, 64W3708V4, 64W3708XV, 64W3710, 64W3710FV, 64W3710V4, 64W3710XV, 64W37HK, 64W37HKV4, 64W37HKXV, 64W3808, 64W3808V4, 64W3810, 64W3810V4, 64X1903, 64X1903V4
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Name First Company E1372 - Transformer, 240/208/24
Brand First Company
Item Number E1372
Manufacturer Product Number E1372
SKU - PIM Number 1369225205139
ERP Number 138965
Unit of Measure EACH
Hazardous Material No
EPA Cert Required No
Country of Origin USA
Voltage 208/240/24 VAC
GEM - Case Quantity

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