Types Of Humidifiers

Humidifiers are devices that are used to add moisture to the room air in case it has turned bone dry in winter months. Low humidity can also cause an array of health trouble such as dry as bleeding nasal tract, allergies, excessively dry skin and eyes, and consistent symptoms of cold due to lack of moisture in the air. It will have a negative impact on the house as well as on its belongings. Humidifiers would regulate the humidity level by supplying moisture in the room air. Fitting them in the house can help you to get rid of dust, bacteria and other irritants that breed in dry weathers. Here are some major types in humidifiers-

Ultrasonic humidifiers: These are the most cost-effective ones among the various types of humidifies available in the market. They have a water tank and oscillating plates. The plates vibrate to change the water into droplets which is blown out with a fan. As they work with plates, they offer whisper quiet operation. They have a very few parts so their maintenance is hassle free. You will not need to change of bulbs, replace steam canisters or clean the pans as are done in other models. These units do not use heat as they function, so require minimal electricity. They are portable. There is one major drawback of this humidifier. These units produce a white powder which is a by-product of its process. This powder can cause health hazards. However today you get advanced versions, where you will not see this problem.

Evaporative humidifiers: These units produce moisture by blowing water with a fan. This is quite a hygienic choice since it does not pose the problem of dust being released into the room. The units have a fan that draws the air in from the room. The air is then blown over a moistened wick in water. Most of water evaporates and is added to the air that increases its humidity. This moistened air is then blown back to the rooms. When evaporation occurs, some heat from the air is also removed. So cooler air comes out than what went inside the humidifier.

These units need forced-air systems with hot air or water and use a lot of water. There are two kinds of evaporative humidifiers – one with porous filters and the other with rotating discs. The former involves more hassle in cleaning and maintenance. You will find the filter clogged with hair, skin and other debris. It requires regular replacement. Rotating discs are easy to clean and maintain.

Steam-based humidifiers: These are the most hygienic type among humidifiers. These humidifiers boil water creating steam. The steam is introduced into the air stream through a dispersion tube mounted in the duct. They regulate their operation according to the need of moisture in rooms. Steam kills the germs and releases sterile moisture. They are good option in hospitals where patients may have respiratory illnesses. Maintaining the team humidifier is pretty easy. It only involves removing the lime scale that may build up within the system. Steam humidifiers consume more power than other humidifiers. You have to choose the right humidifier for your house according to the health of the family members, maintenance, and cost factor.




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