What Is General Liability Insurance?

What is Liability Insurance in HVAC industry? When you choose a company for repairing and installing your air conditioner among the various things that you look before hiring a provided is their liability insurance. But what is liability insurance? Let’s take look into the details. A HVAC contractor is involved in an occupation which involves a number of risks. They can accidentally damage the client’s unit when carrying out repair on it. Or while carrying out repair or installation work, they can inadvertently cause harm to the client’s property. The HVAC repair company can face a lawsuit due to this. Therefore they should be insured to protect them in such circumstances. When hiring a contractor always check if they have liability insurance

What is liability insurance?

As a client if you have suffered any bodily harm and injury or property damage due to repair or installation project of the HVAC by a contractor, you can raise a claim to cover your damages by the company. If the company has liability insurance, it will cover the damages suffered by you. If there is a court trial due to it, the insurance will also cover the litigation-expenses of the HVAC Company.

Liability insurance renders a certain level of assurance to a HVAC company. It allows them to carry out daily work with a confidence that the employees are protected from a deep fear of uncertainty. Liability coverage protects a HVAC business against claims brought against the company as a whole, as well as individual technicians under the company’s payroll. It gives them a reassurance that business will have funds to continue daily operations — even when faced with a costly claim.

What are the claims covered by general liability insurance?

Physical injury Claims

In the event of an accident that causes severe injuries to clients on the business premises of HVAC servicing company, general liability insurance covers injury and illness/medical related expenses for third parties.

Property damage Claims

If a client claims that a HVAC contractor is responsible for the damage to his property or that your business is responsible for his inability to use that property, then the liability insurance can cove the damages suffered by the client.

Completed Products Claims

If the HVAC Company install a product that ends up injuring the homeowner, the contracting company could be found liable. In such conditions the liability insurance can meet the legal expenses and any damages depending upon the policy limit.

Advertising injury

Sometimes a competing HVAC company may find an advertising material of another HVAC service provider slanderous to their market reputation. Under such circumstances they can file lawsuit. Moreover a client can also find the advertising materials misleading. He may sue the company for that as well. General liability insurance for HVAC includes personal and advertising injury coverage as well.

Damage to the premises

Some HVAC companies operate in rented premises. They also have to be cautious about protecting the leased premises from potential loss or harm. If any damage is caused to the property, general liability insurance will pay for the repairs.




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